Non-verbal ways to manage student behaviour

Don’t Say My Name – Non-Verbal Ways To Manage Student Behaviour

While your name may be the sweetest sound on earth to you, when it is overused in a negative tone, there is no sweetness! I have heard teachers use a student’s name over and over in a vain effort to have them comply with directions - to stop or start doing something. The teacher’s voice becomes white noise - the target student is not listening and the rest of the class is annoyed and also switching off. Being creative  and using a variety of non-verbal ways to manage student behaviour and gain student attention can avoid this pitfall and save your voice:


Differentiation in The Classroom

Differentiation In The Classroom

As educators we all recognise that differentiation in the classroom is vital as students are individuals who learn at different rates and in different ways. However, planning, programming and assessing for the wide variety of needs and interests of multi-age and multi-ability classes can be quite a challenge! Here are 14 ways you can use differentiation in the classroom.