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The knowledge of the presenter was excellent and content was delivered in interesting and relevant ways.
Lucia Gargaro
Knowledgeable and engaging presenter- Thank you Marie. Excellent respectful discussion-great opportunity for sharing of ideas. Well organised. Excellent useful content.
Joan Wood
Assistant Principal
Great speaker, encouragement, information was valuable, activities to do in class, practical management strategies, positive reinforcement, resources, interactive. Thank you!
Ashleigh Robinson
Knowledge from Marie, flow- good timing for each area. Appropriateness - so much content. Very professional Marie!
Pagean Huggett
Lots of strategies and collaborative learning. Great research, great practical ideas, lots of examples. Love the follow up emails! Great workshop! Thank you!
Christie Chircop
Positive, useable examples of what to do in the school setting. Follow up email to come yeah! Thanks heaps!! I really enjoyed it!
Lea-Anne Vaughn
Thank you for another incredibly interesting, beneficial and highly practice-based course. You really get what teachers come up against and give us effective, new strategies to implement in our classrooms and schools.
Susan Barta
Thank you for today. One of the most informative and engaging workshops I have ever attended. I would absolutely recommend it.
Katrina Vallak
Good information that is applicable to all school settings. Good interactive activities between participants. Enjoyed the workshop and use of music and video examples were impressive. Well done. Well presented and applicable. Thanks!
Pat Forbes
Marie is passionate about accessible, inclusive and quality education so barriers can be removed and students can ‘get on’ with learning and teachers can ‘get on’ with teaching.
Melinda Howard
Executive Teacher
How involved we were all able to be. Freedom to discuss our own experiences. Effective strategies to take away. Engaging presenter.
Kelly Umback
Marie not only presents ideas and skills for teachers to learn and embed in their classrooms but she creates methodologies to suit the variety of cases that the everyday teacher might come across in their teaching career.
Roz Nisbet
Head Teacher
Very engaging, meaningful content, great ideas and strategies, provides understanding of student behaviour.
Jodie Clarkson
Fun, engaging, thought provoking , great for staff morale. Thank you
Del Zoglmeyer

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It was inspiring and provided many useful tools I can implement immediately to target things I am struggling with.
Michelle Sansom-Sherwill
Thoroughly enjoyed it! The various activites. The opportunities to move around and mix with different staff and the relaxed/informal atmosphere.
Angela Vuki
This was amazing!! I have learned so much and the staff connected even more! The sessions were engaging, fast-paced and multimodel. Everything was great! Definitely recommend
Elizabeth Webster
The knowledge of the presenter and the activities that encouraged participation were its strengths. The fun aspect was also great.
Sue Bates
Marie is a fantastic presenter who puts her audience at ease with her calm, friendly nature. She gets the important messages across through interesting, activity and discussion based presentations
Susan Limberger
Assistant Principal
Fun and engaging , informative and thought provoking
Jasmine Sherwood
Some excellent, tangible strategies. Well researched information. Will print out and laminate resources. Great for whole staff development.
Donna Hardinge
Fantastic workshop. Highly recommended
Elizabeth Rennie
Everything was compatible with the classroom. Activities were able to be performed (no need for anything else) Timing was great. It was informative, relevant and applicable. I would recommend it.
Chris Gawidziel
I love the research base, modelling of best practice, the professional approach and ‘hard edge’ to the content presented. Had a great balance. Thank you so much Marie and I hope we see you again soon.
Kerrie Adams
Deputy Principal
Marie is an inspiring teacher and presenter. She conveys her depth of knowledge in creative and engaging ways to motivate her students, both adult and children. She is passionate about supporting teachers and students and loves what she does.
Wayne Cook
Assistant Principal
Thanks for a fun and thought-provoking day. Very informative.
Jacquie Jacobs
Thank you for such an engaging, hands on and valuable experience!
Jess Andrews
This has been a very valuable, affirming skills workshop for me. I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for an effective Professional Development workshop! Thank you Marie and Tanya!
Susan Barta
Marie’s delivery approach is engaging and offers a rich and varied forum for participants to participate and contribute. You walk away feeling motivated, excited and can immediately put things into practice!. I now have a toolbox of strategies that I regularly use
Melinda Howard
Executive Teacher
Fabulous presenter-knowledgeable. Activities- not sitting and listening to a lecture for the whole day. Fantastic- thank you!
Marie’s presentations are fun, based on authoritative research, interactive and acknowledge the range of experiences, skills and aspirations teachers bring to Professional Development. Teachers feel equipped and motivated to immediately take the concepts into their classrooms to engage in explicit, sound, practice leading to clearly identified learning outcomes for students.
Penelope Rae
Executive Teacher
Thanks. Took a lot away from this session. Great PD
Sharni Scott
“..inclusive and hands on” ”..supportive and comprehensive” “There were many examples of activities that could be taken back and used in the workplace”
Kadiya Bilston
Large, practical component. Well organised and well structured. A fantastic and very informative day! Thank you!
Hannah Dusting
Really great day! Thank you!
Nicole Austin
An enjoyable, relevant, engaging day.
Toni Smart
I recommend this workshop as it holistically reinforces preparation, PBL, PROBL and expectations. It affirms practice, ensures self reflection and allowed us to reingage with strategies we may not have used for some time.
Kim Dixon
The ideas and strategies taught can be applied to any classroom setting and it was encouraged to think about how it would apply in my own context.
Sally McRorie
Assitant Principal
The engagement and quick pace of activities were great. All areas covered were so beneficial. Thank you
Dominique Woloschyn
Small numbers ensured we were able to have more input and made the whole workshop more meaningful. Marie is extremely knowledgeable in this field.
Kate Llewellyn
Great balance of theory and practical- great practical strategies. Very interactive, very experienced presenter. Excellent content-very relevant. Loved the day!
Helen Morel
Practical strategies modelled that can go across all teaching areas. Positive behaviour strategies and opportunities for discussing our thoughts.
Kim Cootes
Executive Teacher
The strategies were implemented/embodied throughout the presentation. Knowledgeable presenter who is also friendly and down-to-earth
Cindy Valdez-Adams
Realistic strategies that can be implemented in any KLA in any age group. Engaging and informative and would benefit ALL teachers.
Shelley Thurgood
PE Teacher
Excellent workshop. Very informative, practical and relevant. Great knowledgeable presenter. I loved it!
Lisa Code
So much information delivered in a very engaging way. I didn’t realise I was being told so much because it was delivered in such an informal/engaging way. Loved it! Informative, interesting, fun and safe. A most enjoyable day. Very affirming thank you so much.
Vicki Isbester
HSIE Teacher
Thank you for a great presentation. It was a great reminder about effective teaching. Everything was great
Ayla Erdem
Engaging workshop which was very interesting, practical and user friendly. I have come away with increased motivation in working with students. Positive workshop, lots of wonderful strategies.
Sam Kennedy
Everything was a teachable moment!
Mikhaila Tomlinson
The whole workshop was AMAZING. Interesting and interactive. Loved it! Highly recommended
Siu Yin Jara Lee
I recommend the workshop. I like listening to others idea and what works for them in the classroom. Helped to develop teacher practice i.e. ‘What can I change or do differently?’
Gavin Knight
The workshop was very comprehensive and thought provoking
John Lennan
Maths Teacher
A great opportunity and really valuable day.
Kaytlyn Harris
The strengths where it was Practical, engaging, reaffirming, used current research and linked to PBL
Vicki Miedler
Thank you for the inspiration! Lovely PL Thank you!
Vi Nguyen
This course was so helpful and filled with fabulous, evidence-based strategies. Marie is awesome!
Steph White