A Letter To All Teachers


Dear teachers,

I know that sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the continual demands on your time, energy and expertise.

Teaching is one of those rare occupations where you never feel as though you have actually achieved anything.

There is always the vague feeling that if you just had a bit more time, or an extra set of hands or some inspired thinking you would be a better teacher.

It can sometimes feel as though you will never be able to reach all your students, never get that child to read, never get that parent to understand, never get your principal to see that your relationships with your students is worth more than any results on standardised testing.

But you know that you decided to be a teacher because you care.

You care about your students.

You care about their families.

You care about the world, and how you can contribute to making society better by helping young people achieve and become the best people they can be.

You touch hearts when you teach and you touch the hearts of the future.

The legacy you leave will be all the students who will forever know that you cared about them, not just as learners but as people.

You were there day after day, showing up, being the best teacher you could be.

Giving them the strength and inspiration to learn to grow and to become.

So when the never-ending, meaningless paperwork and the mind-numbing meetings and the maddening behaviour of students, teachers and parents is making you question your career, remember and feel the power of why you became a teacher in the first place.

Find a way to pour your heart and soul back into your work.

Get back in touch with your purpose as a teacher.

Discover the passion and the excitement again by letting yourself experience the joys of teaching, however small they may be sometimes.

Be certain in the knowledge that the world needs more compassionate, dedicated, caring teachers like you!!