Research is showing that teachers are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling to cope.

Rates of stress, burnout and depression are alarming.

Teachers face ongoing and ever increasing issues:

Schools are incredibly busy places: there is very little time to reflect or to think about better ways to do things

Staff often feel unsupported: perhaps due to lack of time, or lack of skill in supervisors

Competing demands on teachers- community expectations, administrative requirements and the need to meet higher academic standards

Staff burnout is at its highest rate ever with the attrition rate of new teachers at a staggering 50% in the first 5 years.

Over the past several years we have heard a lot about developing the well-being and resilience of young people and rightly so. This is extremely important work.


What we know is that for teachers to be effective in increasing well-being and social and emotional development of students, we also need a focus on teacher well-being.

Student well-being is hugely impacted by teacher well-being.

Our 1 DAY WELL-BEING WORKSHOP will provide practical steps for teachers to:


  • Manage their energy and emotions
  • Juggle multiple tasks and priorities
  • Use effective time management and planning tools


This is not about adding more to your day,

but changing the way you work by incorporating strategies that increase your effectiveness and allow you more time.


The workshop will:

  • Provide ways of incorporating well-being practices into your classroom that will enhance your well-being and increase student learning
  • Challenge your beliefs about what makes a good teacher
  • Affirm your strengths

Please contact tanya@thehighlyeffectiveteacher.com if you are interested in booking this workshop for your staff.

This workshop is not yet accredited.

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