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At The Highly Effective Teacher we believe that a positive approach to classroom management is essential for a healthy, productive environment for teachers and students.

Relationships are at the heart of a positive classroom culture and a teacher is uniquely positioned to provide a safe and supportive learning environment where students can become risk takers and develop a love of learning that transcends the classroom.

Students must be taught explicitly how to behave at school, in exactly the same way they need to be taught to read or do maths or how to play a sport. Effective teaching is about making expectations clear and consistent. It is giving all students access to the curriculum by teaching them how to behave at school and how to be successful in the classroom. It is essentially teaching students how to be effective learners, how to get on with others, how to manage their feelings and how to rebuild relationships when things go wrong.

All behaviour is learned so it can be unlearned. All behaviour has a purpose or a function and discovering that purpose can inform our strategies to deal with the behaviours that challenge us.

Marie Amaro
Marie Amaro

Author | Teacher | Presenter | Coach

Marie Amaro is a teacher, author, presenter, mentor and coach.

With over 25 years’ experience in education, she has taught in early childhood, primary and secondary settings and holds a Master in Special Education (Emotional and Behavioural Disorders). She is a behaviour specialist, advising and assisting principals, executives and classroom teachers to develop positive behaviour management strategies and improve school culture.

Marie has developed and presented high quality, well-regarded professional learning opportunities for classroom teachers and school executives. She is deeply committed to providing relevant, practical professional development through interactive skill building that is research based demonstrating tools immediately applicable to classroom practice.

Marie believes that academic outcomes are improved by addressing the social and emotional needs of students through explicit teaching of expected behaviour, engaging pedagogy, modelling of pro-social skills, collaborative learning strategies and giving students a voice.

She is passionate about students achieving their potential, about supporting the wellbeing of teachers and about schools providing positive, stimulating and nurturing environments.

Tarnya Matthews
Tarnya Matthews

Managing Director | Co-Founder

Tarnya Matthews is co-founder of The Highly Effective Teacher, and Managing Director.

She is passionate about education, the teaching profession and children. She views teaching as a craft that when executed well is exhilarating to watch and can powerfully influence a student’s learning outcomes and life. She believes what we think determines how we experience our lives, and how we experience our lives can be changed by what we choose to think. Tanya values excellence and is dedicated to providing unparalleled service for schools and teachers.

Tarnya brings knowledge and experience in small business, digital marketing, information technology, communications, research, website design and management, HR, business strategy and planning, policy and compliance, project management and business analysis.

With an Undergraduate Degree in Business, and experience in government (State and Commonwealth), banking, health, education, building, manufacturing industries, she can ‘turn her hand’ to most things.