COVID Impact on Teachers

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on education. Both for the kids and for education professionals. Fortunately, there are tactics teachers can use to adapt to the issues that Coronavirus has presented. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Remote Teaching and Learning 

First of all, school closures mean teachers and kids have needed to get used to remote and online learning pretty quickly. Unfortunately, there have been some teething troubles along the way. These include getting used to working with Zoom and Google classrooms. While other issues involve deciding whether to teach live or record lessons and adapting resources for online use. 

There are some ways either through or around these problems though. For example, suppose you are struggling with operating Google Classroom. In that case, there is a range of online tutorials like the one you will find at can help. 

Additionally, suppose you are unsure whether to offer live or recorded lessons. In that case, it’s best to take guidance for your specific institution. After all, standards and expectations will differ depending on where you work. 

You can also use high-quality resources like the ones at enhance remote learning. Just be sure to mix them up with other types of activities for the best effect. 

Stress and Anxiety 

Next, a significant issue that COVID-19 has caused in education is stress and anxiety. In fact, pressure for both teachers and kids has increased for several reasons. Many worry about health and infection, and the inability to continue learning as usual. While for others, the issue is one of isolation and being out of their typical routine. 

Of course, all this stress means that extra attention needs to be paid to emotional (teacher) wellbeing. So, activities such as exercise, meditation, and being creative also need to be included on a daily basis. 

Social Distancing 

While many teachers and kids are looking forward to returning to school, they can definitely expect a new normal. One where social distancing is an essential part of the day. This means that not only will everyone be out of their regular learning routine, but will also have new restrictions to adhere to. 

With that in mind, allowing time as school reopens for everyone to get used to how things are now is essential. This is a situation that involves setting aside some time at the beginning of the first semester for reintegration. This is where the focus should be on getting back into learning routines and recapping necessary skills. It is also an excellent time to remind kids of acceptable behaviours in the classroom. Lastly, be sure to use this period to explain social distancing and the reasons behind it. After all, the kids need to know why they will be asked to do things differently. 

In fact, by setting aside time for reintegration, teachers can maximize learning, behavior and wellbeing for the rest of the year. Even with the many demands of COVID-19 that are being placed on them!