How Parents Can Support Their Child’s Learning How Parents Can Support Their Child’s Learning

How Parents Can Support Their Child’s Learning

Joanna Anderson


Most parents want their children to achieve outstanding results at school and hope that their child will leave education with an impressive set of qualifications under their belt. However, while school may be where children obtain these qualifications, it is not the only place they can learn. For children to achieve success in school, they also need this learning to be backed up at home. Parents, carers, and teachers need to join forces and work together if children are to realise their full potential in the classroom. When parents are not supportive of their child’s education it can create problems for their child in the school environment, which can lead to them not achieving the results they would be capable of in different circumstances.

Here are some of the ways parents and carers can support their child’s learning and help their children thrive at school:

Encouraging Positive Behaviour

Disruptive behaviour at school can make learning a challenge for everyone in the classroom. Encouraging positive behaviour at home that helps teach the skills needed for success in school is vital. Helping kids to develop their listening skills and promoting activities that increase their attention span are excellent ways to get your child prepared for school. 

Starting school is a steep learning curve for kids, and their senses will likely be overwhelmed by this new experience. Getting your child into a routine should help to make this adjustment easier for them to manage. Encouraging a regular bedtime should help prevent your child from becoming overtired at school and help them maintain their concentration levels during the day. 

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Reinforcing Learning at Home

Backing up the learning that your child does at school when you are at home is an excellent way to develop their understanding further. There are many things that you can do help to continue your child’s learning outside of school. You may decide to use an online learning platform such as ABCmouse, which covers a range of subjects for your child to explore.

The other crucial way that parents can support learning at home is to ensure that work set by the teacher is completed wherever possible. Encouraging your child to complete their homework is an excellent opportunity to see what they are learning at school and will help prevent them from falling behind on their work in the classroom. Homework is not something many kids enjoy but ensuring that kids complete the work as soon as they can to prevent it from building up and leaving them feeling overwhelmed.

Reading Together

Many teachers recommend that reading to your child is the best way to help them learn and has far-reaching benefits. Sharing books with younger children and encouraging a love of reading in older children is an excellent way to develop many areas of your child’s learning all at once. Reading helps to develop kids’ listening skills, expands their vocabulary, and extends their knowledge of the world, which is why it is always beneficial to read to your child.

Joanna Anderson