How to Make Online Learning Work for Your Students How to Make Online Learning Work for Your Students

How to Make Online Learning Work for Your Students

Joanna Anderson

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Online learning has become the norm for a lot of children. Whether they are attending a remote class or working with e-learning materials, they have had to make do with using various online resources instead of going to school. But online learning doesn’t just have to be for when children aren’t able to go to school. It can be a good way for them to learn while in school too and it can be a supplementary learning tool when they’re at home. But to get the most out of online learning, you need to use the right methods and strategies.

Make It Fun and Engaging

Learning online, whether at school or at home, is very different from learning in a traditional classroom setting. There’s no teacher at the head of the room keeping everyone under control, no table of friends, and following expectations for behavior is a lot harder when not in the classroom. Making sure online learning is fun and engaging is vital if you want students to pay attention. There are all kinds of ways to do this, by using games, quizzes, and other fun elements. Children shouldn’t simply be staring at a screen.

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Find the Right Resources

Finding the right online resources can be a challenge. It’s most useful if you can find one platform that offers a range of materials for both you and your students. Programs such as ABCMouse by Age of Learning can provide you with a huge range of resources designed for teachers and parents to help their kids learn online. Look for tools that offer variety so that no one gets bored, as well as materials that are suitable for the desired age group. Test them out yourself to see if they’re suitable for your kids before you decide which tools are right for your needs.

Keep Sessions Short

Engaging students and keeping them motivated is the skill that is the teaching profession. It can be more difficult though when they’re at home and they have potential distractions everywhere. Although you might have a lot of material that you want to get through in a day, long sessions are likely to result in children simply switching off after too long. Trying to keep them short and having regular breaks will help children to pay attention when they are supposed to be learning. Breaks don’t have to be long and could even take the form of a fun quiz or a short break to jump up and down.

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Make The Experience Social

Relationships and connection are at the heart of learning. If children are learning online, they can still enjoy a social experience. Developing social skills is always important, and it’s still possible to make time for it when learning online. Children can engage with each other in various ways, from using a chat function while they’re learning to talk to each other before lessons start. Give them an opportunity to be social and talk about their interests or show you their cat.

Online learning can be fun and educational, but the right approach is essential to make it work.

Joanna Anderson