SERIES: Effective Use of Reward Systems in The Classroom SERIES: Effective Use of Reward Systems in The Classroom

SERIES: Effective Use of Reward Systems in The Classroom

Marie Amaro

Reward Systems in the Classroom

This series discusses and provides practical strategies for teachers to effectively promote student success by using reward systems in the classroom. Specifically, I will discuss the biggest mistakes made and how to correct them when implementing reward systems. Secondly, how to use reward systems in the most productive way and how they fit into the school view and approach to rewards. Finally, I will discuss punishment, its relevance, and how it can be used effectively.

1. The Biggest Mistakes When Using Reward Systems In The Classroom

In this video, you will learn some of the biggest mistakes that teachers make in using reinforcers, and how to avoid making these mistakes and gain more benefit from using rewards, reinforcement, and incentives. I will also discuss how to increase the effectiveness of rewards and reduce the likelihood of off-task or inappropriate by using them strategically and purposefully.

2. The Important Foundations Required for Effective Reward Systems

In this video you will learn why reducing classroom management to the binary of rewards and sanctions is ineffective and what you need to provide for your students so that the rewards and encouragers that you use with your students gain maximum traction.

3. How To Effectively Use Whole Class Reward Systems

Have you ever had a class party or a games afternoon as a celebration or reward? 

Whole class reward systems have many positive benefits for you and your students. Motivating your students is the key to making them enjoy their learning experience. A major part of  motivation is positive reinforcement, one of the oldest tricks in the book used to encourage appropriate behaviour

In this video, you will learn about the benefits of using a whole class reward system and the most effective way to implement a reward system in your class.

Your use of rewards and reinforcers needs to fit with your beliefs and your style of teaching and understanding the principles behind reward systems will help you to discover what you can do and how best to encourage, motivate and inspire your students.

4. How Are You Using Punishment In Your Class?

In this video, you will learn why punishment or negative consequences don’t work and by work, I mean change student behavior.

I do not advocate doing nothing about inappropriate student behavior, quite the opposite.

However, while punishment is driven by the need for revenge, being strategic and responsive with a more holistic approach to teaching the student will achieve longer-lasting results.

Marie Amaro

Marie is the author of Habits of Highly Effective Teachers and is a passionate educator, with over 30 years experience working in education. Marie is a speaker, presenter and specialises in positive behaviour management, teacher wellbeing, restorative practices and school culture.