Tips Teachers Use To Keep Students Healthy

Teacher Tips Healthy Students

Now more than ever, it is crucial for students to be healthy inside and outside of the classroom. That job falls on the parents as well as the teachers. Since teachers spend so much time with their students, sometimes the job falls hard on teachers to promote excellent study habits, help develop a love of learning, inspire an unbreakable work ethic, ensure the student’s personal success, as well as academic success, is reached.

A healthy student will create a better canvas for the accomplishment of all those goals.

If you are a teacher looking for ways to keep your students healthy out and in the classroom, here are some tips to follow.

These steps can be followed for teachers in virtual classrooms as well as in-person.

Inspire Exercise

Encourage your students to get out and be active. Things like sports, taking a walk around the neighborhood every day or getting involved with some sort of consistent exercise are great ways to stay active.

Use your classroom as a way to easily incorporate movement into your students’ day. If you are holding classes in-person, consider hosting it outside and make a cool nature hike a part of the lesson.

Your students can still be active online as well. Request that they get up and move around behind their computer screens.

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Offer Incentives To Eat Healthily

Oftentimes you can bribe your students to do anything with a promise of a tasty, sugar-filled treat. Encourage students to eat full and balanced meals. Part of eating a balanced meal is snacking from time to time, but those snacks have to be healthy.

When having class in-person and you want to encourage class participation during discussions, use that as an opportunity to encourage healthy eating. Swap the sugar-filled treats for granola or muesli bars.

Ditch the treats altogether and offer other incentives like extra credit.

Encourage Self-Care

Your students need time to decompress to be able to manage their wellbeing, just like you do. The key is to make sure they know how to properly deal with stress.

Talk to your students about how imperative it is to take care of themselves in all areas, be it emotionally, physically or mentally. Show them how to maintain a positive attitude even when life throws a few curveballs. Express to them that getting a good night’s rest is also crucial to maintaining health. Make it an open class discussion about the importance of keeping good hygiene, staying hydrated and drinking tones of water and how to manage stress.

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Keep Your Classroom Clean

Now more than ever keeping a clean classroom is mandatory for not only your health but also the health of your students. Get your students involved in the process by asking them to wipe down the desks, tables, doorknobs and other areas in the classroom that are frequently touched by people.

Doing so will show them the importance of keeping a clean classroom. They will start thinking about cleanliness and how to maintain it.

Marie Amaro