The Three Top Tips For Your (Teacher) Wellbeing

The Three Top Tips For Your (Teacher) Wellbeing

In this video, I share with you my three best (teacher) wellbeing practices, the unexpected reasons why they are so beneficial to your health as well as the negative effects on how you feel if you don’t use them.

And I will give you some tips on how to motivate yourself, get inspired and start to implement these often underrated and misunderstood practices into your life.

Some of the best wellbeing practices are the simplest and they are often habits that we know are good for us. Maybe you feel as though you have heard about them so many times that they are meaningless.

What I need when I feel this way about a practice that I know is good for me but I cant seem to get motivated for is:

  1. A compelling reason or evidence for the practice, and
  2. A mental motivation like recalling times when the practice worked for me and remembering how good it felt.

Be inspired to be your best self!