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8 Ways To Build Relationships With Your Students (that may surprise you)

Marie Amaro

8 Ways to Build Relationships With Your Students

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Here are 8 ways to build relationships with your students that may surprise you: 

ONE: Use their interests to make the learning relevant, meaningful and engaging. 

TWO: Give them choice in their learning indicating that you value their input and perspective. 

THREE: Give them opportunities to voice their concerns and their point of view about issues in the classroom and the school. 

FOUR: When dealing with inappropriate or unhelpful behaviour, you demonstrate respect for all students and use it as a ‘teachable moment’. 

FIVE: Differentiate the learning according to preferred learning styles, skill level and interest.  

SIX: Foster independence in your students by providing scaffolding and explicit teaching and support. 

SEVEN: Make your classroom a student-centred learning environment. 

EIGHT: Create a warm classroom climate by being upbeat, excited and enthusiastic. Focus on the positive.

What is wrong is always available, so is what is right. What you focus on will increase in intensity and frequency!

Tony Robbins