Tips For Keeping Your Students Engaged In Your Classroom

engaging students

If you want to be a successful teacher and ensure your kids are learning, you need to keep them engaged in the classroom. It’s your job and responsibility to help them progress and grow over time.

The more confidence you have in yourself and your abilities the better you’ll perform as a teacher. Learn from your mistakes and continuously ask for feedback to help you improve and make necessary adjustments to your approach and style. Have fun, and make it clear you love your job and have a passion for it to get your students more excited to learn.

Make Time for Play & Fun

One tip for keeping your students engaged in the classroom is to make time for play and fun. You want them to feel relaxed and at ease sometimes and enjoy being a kid. For example, read books or play games like Scrabble as ways to pass the time and engage them. Introduce them to the scrabble word finder so they can find words to play and don’t become frustrated. It’ll be refreshing to see the silly side of your students and that they’re enjoying themselves.

Be Prepared & Organised

Another tip for keeping your students engaged in the classroom is to always be prepared and organised. Know what lesson play you’re teaching each day and what points you want to make sure you touch on and that they learn. Your students will quickly lose interest and get distracted if you’re fumbling around and unsure of what you’re doing in front of the class. Present the material professionally and confidently and make it clear that you expect your class to listen and pay attention.


Ask Questions

If you want to keep your students engaged in the classroom then make it a point to not always be doing the talking. Instead, ask questions and get them involved in the lesson plans. You may even want to have some of the kids get up and teach the material to the other students as a way to help them better understand the information. Asking questions will keep everyone on their toes and paying attention because they won’t want to be caught off guard by you.

Engagement Options

It’s important to recognize that all students will engage in different ways and with different learning styles. Some might prefer writing and noting everything out longhand, whereas others might find that the layout of a digital algebra calculator really helps them get their head around a problem. Offering different learning options to your students will help them all to feel seen, and to keep them engaged with their learning – and remember to keep speaking with the class and making sure that everyone’s needs are being catered for.

Challenge Them

One of the best ways to keep your students engaged in school is to challenge them. If your students are bored, they’ll quickly become uninterested in learning and won’t feel very motivated to listen. Make sure what you’re doing and teaching is at or above their level and that you aren’t holding their hands too much along the way. Give them the freedom to make mistakes and know that it’s okay for your students to feel a bit uncomfortable with the material initially.  

Other Ways To Engage Your Students

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Apply these tips in your classroom, and you’ll have a better chance of keeping your students engaged at school. Everyone will be happier for it, and you’ll probably receive more positive feedback about your teaching style and yearly performance. Be enthusiastic and excited about learning, and your students will likely start to feel the same way.