Why Organization Is Important For Teachers Why Organization Is Important For Teachers

Why Organization Is Important For Teachers

Joanna Anderson


Teachers in the 21st century need to be good at many different things. They are, of course, expected to know their subject well or to have a wide range of knowledge if they are teaching one grade many different subjects, but as well as this, teachers need to be technologically savvy, they need to be caring and patient, and, perhaps above all, they need to be organized. Just what is it that is so important about organization for teachers that makes it something they all need to be able to do? Read on to find out. 

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Beginning Of The School Year

There are basic principles and ways of operating to get yourself off to the best start at the beginning of the school year. Revisiting at any time during the year is a great idea also. Take a look at our series where Marie Amaro walks through these principles in a fantastic step-by-step practical guide. Here is the first video:

No Wasted Time 

The school day is full – very full – of lessons, breaks, sports, and lunch, as well as additional activities depending on the student’s own choices. This means that, in order to offer the best education to each child, a teacher will need to be highly organized because, in this way, there will be no wasted time. A disorganized teacher, one who doesn’t know where their class notes are or who hasn’t checked they know how to use the equipment they need for the lesson, will waste a lot of time getting ready. Even a few minutes can mean that an entire topic can be lost. 

If you organize your files online, if you have your handouts pre-printed, if you have checked that you have everything ready before the lesson begins, you can make the most out of the time you have with your class, even if it’s a single period. 

Important Life Habits 

As well as ensuring that students get their full lesson quota by being organized, an organized teacher will also be able to help students develop good life habits now and in the future. They will learn the difference between having everything they need with them and being able to enjoy a smooth and interesting lesson, and not having what they need, in which case they will be stressed and tense and won’t learn so well. 

The earlier this can start, the better. A child who can emulate an organized, punctual teacher from when they are very young will keep these lessons with them well into the future, including when they start work. 

Fewer Discipline Problems 

It might be surprising to learn that a more organized teacher is a teacher who has fewer discipline issues in their classrooms, but it’s true. Students will know that this teacher is ready to start teaching, and they need to be prepared to start learning; there is no time for messing around and playing games because work begins right away. 

When the work begins immediately – thanks to the teacher’s organizational skills – the children in the class will have much less opportunity to talk among themselves and disrupt the rest of the class. Even those who might want to act up won’t have the chance to, and soon enough, they will learn that it’s not worth even thinking about. 

Plus, an organized teacher will gain a reputation for being aware of everything that is happening around them as they won’t be distracted by their lack of organization. Again, this means that anyone attempting to be disruptive will be stopped much sooner. 

Improves Personal Relationships 

Teachers work hard, and they don’t just work in the classroom – there are lessons to plan and papers to grade, and this all has to happen after or before school hours. This can have an impact on personal relationships, as there isn’t much time for anything other than work. However, the more organized the teacher is, the more time they can save overall, and the better their relationships with friends and family will be. 

Students and their parents will expect teachers to meet their deadlines and keep their promises. Being organized and therefore saving time by not searching for books and papers and other important items means this can happen and you can still find time to relax and enjoy your time with others or by yourself, depending on your preference. 

Better Health 

We’ve mentioned that teaching is hard work, and that can also sometimes be stressful work as there is a lot to do and a lot of responsibility. Being disorganized on top of all this can certainly have a negative effect on the body and mind and potentially make your stress levels even higher.

If you are organized, no matter what the job might throw at you, you will always be able to stay calm and focused, and you should be less stressed, improving your health and helping you become a calmer, more focused teacher overall.

Joanna Anderson